I'm Gram Liu

Engineer. Developer. Geek.

About Me

My full name is Gregory William Joseph D. Liu, but people just call me Gram. I'm currently a rising junior at Carnegie Mellon University pursuing a major in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a minor in Computer Science.

On campus, my heart is in the work. I'm the Director of Technology for ScottyLabs, leading the Tech Committee that develops APIs for the CMU community and organizes the annual TartanHacks. I also do research at the CMU CHIMPS Lab, where I developed a smart home app development framework. I'm currently working on a blockchain-powered shared ecosystem for smart home owners.

Off campus, I work with different initiatives to develop technology for social good. This summer, I'm a software engineering intern at Dashlabs.ai (YC W21). Check out my resume or my LinkedIn profile for more info.


🩺 Medisure.ai
Medical insurance personalized assistant

🏆 Top 3, Best Use of Google Cloud @Pennapps 2020. A consolidated suite of deep-learning powered NLP tools powered by GPT-3 to help demystify medical insurance and generate insurance claim denial appeals.

September 2020
📃 Course API
REST API for CMU Course Evaluation Data

A RESTful API for accessing CMU faculty and course evaulation data. Developed using a MongoDB, Express, React, Node.JS (MERN) Stack.

March 2020
⛏ Craft112
Python Adventure Game

A Terraria-inspired adventure game. Fight and mine to survive against enemies in a randomly generated world. Created using Pygame.

December 2019
✋ Unawa
Communication Aid Android App

Unawa (Filipino word for "understanding") is an Android app designed to help people with communication disabilities through OCR, Sign Language Recognition, and Speech-to-Text Recognition. Created using OpenCV Mobile, TensorFlow Lite, and the Android SDK/NDK.

November 2018
🚎 Suroy
Public Transportation Tracker App

🏆 2nd Place, Hack4PH Hack to Play and Best Use of Technology. Suroy (Cebuano word for "explore") is an Android app that helps commuters track public utility vehicles in the Philippines while promoting visibility of small businesses along their commute. Created using Google Firebase, Maps, and Arduino.

December 2018
🔬 Daloy
Drone and Submarine Field Research Tool

🏆 1st Place, InnoBox Project Philippines. Daloy (Filipino word for "flow" 🌊) is a drone and submarine-based research tool that remotely demonstrates real-time changes in environmental parameters like air and water pressure for educational or research purposes. Built with Zigbee Radio, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and a variety of environmental sensors.

October 2018
✊ GripAid
Grip Exoskeleton with Biometrics Display

Regional Representative for the 2018 Philippine National Invention Contest and Exhibit. GripAid is a wearable grip exoskeleton that assists those with weak grip strength, such as those with arthritis or other neurodegenerative diseases. It also displays heart pulse biometrics, as this demographic is often at high risk of cardiovascular diseases. Frame was 3D printed, mechanism powered by Arduino.

August 2018