I'm Gram Liu

Engineer. Developer. Geek.

About Me

My full name is Gregory William Joseph D. Liu but people just call me Gram. In 2019, I graduated from the Philippine Science High School - Central Visayas Campus. Currently, I'm a rising sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University pursuing a major in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

On campus, my heart is in the work. I'm the Director of Technology for ScottyLabs, leading the Tech Committee that develops APIs and applications for the CMU community; and Events Coordinator for CMU SASE, organizing social and professional events that celebrate our Asian heritage. I'm also doing research at the CMU CHIMPS Lab, developing an IoT network hub that integrates sensors across LAN into a modular and secure smart system.

Off campus, I work with different initiatives to develop technology for social good. I'm currently working with Dashboard Philippines, to centralize information and relief distribution in the Philippines for the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out my resume or my LinkedIn profile for more info.


Course API
REST API for CMU Course Evaluation Data

A RESTful API for accessing CMU course evaluation data like ratings and FCE hours. Developed using a MongoDB, Express, React, Node.JS (MERN) Stack.

Communication disability aid Android App

Unawa is an Android app designed to help people with communication disabilities by providing avenues for them to communicate through OCR, Sign Language Recognition, and Speech-to-Text Recognition.